What do you think of when you hear the word "GIF"?

Newsletter | Tuesday, October 11th 2016 This week we talk bees, glowing lanes, GIFs, cryptic symbols, and life lessons. * * * Fun Fact: honey does not spoil. You could feasibly eat 3000 year-old honey. ROBOT TECH Speaking about honey...we take for granted that almost one third of the food we consume is pollinated by Honeybees, and yet they’ve been dying at alarming rates - so [...]

Agile MVPs and The Entrepreneurs Who Don't Love Them

  There’s a lot of talk in startup land (and even in enterprise worlds) about utilizing Agile methodologies to build Minimal Viable Products (MVPs). While the idea of incremental iteration, based on tests and data, is a great way to assess a feature set’s success, this Agile method is a dangerous approach to creating products for emerging startups. There is a core issue [...]

A letter to friends: we're stoked to introduce Ludlow.io!

Hi friends, We’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback about our weekly newsletter, and we thought we’d share our story - why we created one, how we decided to revamp it, and then the exciting stuff. We want to thank you for all your support (you guys are awesome, really). As some of you know, we’re a modest sized team here in NYC. Bootstrapped with little time to devote to [...]

Instagram says more about you than you think.

Happy Friday! To end the week, we’d like to mix it up with Instagram filters, Zuckerberg news, creative wall decor, tips to evade cyber hacks, and Google’s long overdue travel app.   MACHINE LEARNING Your choice of Instagram filter says more about you than you think - according to a recent study by Harvard University’s Andrew Reece and the University of Vermont’s [...]

Depression: the Demon Behind Entrepreneurship

No one ever said entrepreneurship was easy, that's for sure. I’ve been working on all sorts of interesting projects with a range of clients, from big brands and emerging  startups, helping them define their business model and strategy. Each project has its unique set of challenges, successes, nuances, etc. Yet, one pattern I’ve noticed throughout my time spent on projects is the [...]

re: back to work, at least it's already Wednesday

Heyy... we hope you enjoyed your labor (free) weekend! To help you get back to the grind, here's a good mix on Twitter, waterproof phones, driverless Ubers, and more. BUSINESS Twitter takeover rumors are buzzing again, and don't expect them to go away anytime soon. Twitter is reportedly considering selling itself...but not for cheap. According to reports from Recode, a Twitter buyer would have [...]

Can you learn to walk with virtual reality?

This week we talk virtual reality, artificial intelligence, design inspiration, and productivity tips.   VIRTUAL REALITY When most people hear virtual reality they think fun and games. For paraplegic patients, virtual reality could lead to thoughts of something much more powerful - the chance of actually walking again. Yes, people who were once told they would never walk again are closer [...]

How We Grew @SWARMnyc's Twitter Account to 100k Monthly Impressions Without Lifting a Finger.

Let’s face it. Brand building for small, cash-strapped teams is tough. There’s never enough time, other things take precedence, and basic marketing activities get left for last… which means they don’t get touched.  This is problematic. Brand building is more important than people think. At least marginally important. Your ability to be recognized and discovered by [...]

Is Business School Worth it?

Business school coursework predominantly focuses on business plan writing, scalability, working capital allocation, with some of the more avant-garde schools (think tier 1 West Coast institutions) being taught by some of Silicon Valley's best. Learning the fundamentals of business is an essential starting point, just as gleaning insight from others best practices and failures is a useful [...]

What If Jewelry Could Save Your Life?

This week we talk Snapchat's search, Uber news, life-saving jewels, Olympic bodies and tips for increasing employee morale.    BUSINESS You may have heard about Snapchat's recent acquisition of search app Vurb - a smart move for Snapchat, as search was never its strong suit. From a product perspective, Vurb’s deep-linking and search capabilities could help Snapchat users [...]

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