Hacking together mobile apps using Twitter as a data store.

At SWARM, an app design and development company in New York, we love to run experiments and try new things. Some of our experiments like the SWARM Weather Watch Face have even been featured in app stores like Google Play. So when defining PartyUP Player (PUP) into an MVP (minimum viable product), we came across an interesting problem while […]

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We are Made in NY

We are excited to announce that we’ve been accepted to the “Made in NY” family, and are thrilled to be joining other leading digital businesses in supporting the continued digital growth of NYC. As New Yorkers, we’ve always believed that incredible digital businesses can be established here, and the “Made in NY” initiative is a testament […]

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How to make an app – MVP’s that win

Wondering how to make an app? Let’s start with the MVP, or minimum viable product. Fundamentally, the MVP is the most basic product that you send to market which will test your idea. However, when you’re building an MVP, it’s hard to know where to start. First thing’s first. You’ll need to validate. Validating your product It […]

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Digital Art as Design Inspiration

Digital art pieces can be great for inspiration when you’re stuck and trying to work through a problem. Notwithstanding, they’re also excellent at burning through a few hours at work because they are undeniably a wonderful distraction. In this post I’ve collected a few places that I like and dislike, so go for inspiration, and comments […]

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Android wear watch face data communication

Tutorial: Building an Android Wear Watch Face, Part 1 : Overview

Wearable devices such as Android wear and the upcoming Apple watch are pioneering a brand new user experience, “Information at a glance”. This presents new opportunities for app developers to provide end-users with contextual, relevant and personalized information. However, it also introduces a whole new set of challenges for both designers and developers. In this tutorial we explore […]

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