Robot written newsletters, AR that lets you lose weight, and turning air into water (seriously).

Newsletter | May 11th, 2017   This week we're talking about & how it helped make this newsletter, a Microsoft patent helping people diet, AR giving surgeons x-ray vision, a new solar-powered device converting air to water, and a 21st century cassette player.   Introducing  .  Ludlow   This topic-based newsletter was made with, [...]

πŸ“‘ All the cool kids are doing IoT

Newsletter | April 27th, 2017   This week we're talking about manufacturing's β€οΈ of IoT, Google better than Tesla at self-driving cars, whether police body cameras should use A.I., and IoT fighting air pollution.   INTERNET OF THINGS  .  Manufacturing is loving IoT πŸ“‘     So you’ve heard of the Internet [...]

Bon appétit to fake meat? 🍽️

Newsletter | April 18th, 2017   This week we're talking about... is 2017 the year of synthetic beef?, the 'safe' Russian FEDOR robot, 3D printed chocolate, and disposable drones for the U.S. military.   FOOD TECH  .  The world is hungry for food innovation 🌍     The world’s population is expected to grow by over one third [...]

Collective brainpower = discovering planets πŸ˜€

Newsletter | April 11th, 2017   This week we're talking about discovering new planets, controversy over wearables, professional drone racing, and earning πŸ’° with exercise.   ASTRONOMY  .  4 new planets discovered by... an amateur!     An Australian mechanic and part-time amateur astronomer recently discovered 4 new planets. If [...]

You and Machines: It's complicated πŸ™€

Newsletter | April 4th, 2017   This week we're talking about smart-gloves that smell, robots crawling your intestine, a cap that zaps your brain⚑, and chip implants in co-workers.   MEDICAL . Swallowing a snake robot to fight digestive disease πŸ₯     Traditional colonoscopies can only access the large intestines. New pill cameras [...]

Our battles are being fought by software 😍

Newsletter | March 28th, 2017   This week we're talking about crime-fighting AI, smartphones vs. illegal logging, credit card-free ATMs, and the first zero-emission hydrail.   CRIME . Machine Learning Solves an Insider Trading Case     What would Holmes and Dr. Watson think of this one? A 2013 criminal investigation has come to light that [...]

How the (.)health domain could affect you, and other news

Newsletter | March 21st, 2017   This week we talk about testing 'rockoons' in near space, upcoming (.)health, a smartphone-only convenience store, 10x better blood testing with paper   SPACE . Using rockoons to reach orbit πŸŽˆπŸš€     This month Zero2Infinity launched a 'rockoon', or a rocket-balloon hybrid, [...]

Smaller, better, faster, smarter

Newsletter | March 13th, 2017   This week we're talking about Data in an atom!, aspiring Swedish programmers, insane AI productivity, superfast supercomputers   INNOVATION . Data stored in a single atom for the first time     Humanity has just stored data in a single atom for the first [...]

Don't Waste Money on Proprietary Software for ERMs

The amount of capital funneled into Research and Development (R&D) by U.S. based tech companies is simply staggering.   Amazon takes the cake with a reportedly $13.3 billion annual spending on R&D - and while big, Amazon is only one company – so aggregate the total amount spent annually and you’re talking GDP of a small European country.   It is a given that [...]

Milestones in Mobile growth, and other news

Newsletter | March 3rd, 2017   This week we're talking about Mobile keeps growing, Youtube vs Netflix?, UPS drone delivery, Bitcoin getting a corporate boost   MOBILE . Number of global mobile users to pass 5 billion this year     A new GSMA study states that by mid-2017, there will be 5 billion unique mobile subscribers. That will be a little more [...]

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