2016 is Not the Year of VR, Though I Wish it Would Be.

I remember my first virtual reality experience as if it were yesterday. It was 1991 and I was with my dad at a mall somewhere in Westchester, just north of the city. In the mall, a gaming store that we always hit to check out the latest and greatest from Nintendo was having a showcase of Virtually VR’s Dactyl Nightmare, a Player vs’ Player VR game that touted all of the early [...]

My journey from Adobe, to Sketch, and back to Adobe for UI design. 

Last week Adobe finally released the beta version of its much hyped version of Sketch — called Adobe XD (Experience Design). The explicitly named tool is an all-in-one design suite, incorporating UX and UI tools, presentation components, and prototyping features for websites and mobile apps.I was hoping to run through and do a comparison of the two, but as I progressed this turned into a series [...]

The Good, The Bad, and the Suboptimal from Mobile World Congress (2016)

There’s conferences, and then there’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) — a massive maze of tech booths showcasing some of the coolest new tech from around the world. Housed in the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona,at least 100 companies stood in its many halls, each with a booth more spectacular than the next.Just when I thought that I’d wound up at the end of a hall, I would take a [...]

The FCC Just Shook up the Livingroom

This post first appeared in Campaign Magazine. Remember that time you were watching Hulu and were prompted to watch one ad or another, and you couldn’t care less? What if the ad instead offered you a discount and was specifically related to what you wanted to do in the next hour? Well, it looks like that’s about to happen. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last month voted [...]

Getting Traction: How do I market my startup?

  Comprehensive marketing strategy requires a mix of digital and real world efforts. Marketing can become extremely expensive very quickly, and without the right approach, can exhaust the resources of a young startup. Strategies will be different depending where in the product cycle the product is. For example, if you’ve just build the MVP, marketing goals will be focused on [...]

Navigating Venture Capital's Murky Waters

  No secret that we at SWARM have worked with, and work with startups. As a part of our business these are some of the most fun and challenging projects because they require us to really dive into the product and make those assumptions that will place the MVP at launch as close to product market as you can. But unlike enterprise that has an annual budget for digital or product, startups [...]

Mobile App Design for Beginners, Non-Designers, & Developers, a how-to

This is a 2016 update from the article that first appeared on CreativeBloq.  Specialists generally assume that everything they know is obvious, and need to remind themselves that isn't the case for most of the population. What specialists do have is a speed at which they make decisions in their work. This is reflective of the years of targeted work and experience, and not an assumed [...]

Taking Responsibility for Dating App Time Suck

Over the past few years, the app-making industry has been enthralled with its ability to design “engaging” user experiences. Captivating enough to get people to do things like drag their thumbs across screens literally billions of times, we have the incredible ability to capture people’s eyes, minds, and hearts. Isn’t that amazing? Don’t we feel powerful? But are we [...]

We Tried the Microsoft HoloLens, Here's the Review

Today in NYC, Microsoft ran a developer preview of the HoloLens letting a select few folks in to learn in a hands-on way. Being skeptical after the whole Google Glass experience, I didn’t think much of the product before trying it out, and boy - was I wrong. The HoloLens demo we participated in was a short 15 minute game called "X RAY". It started with a little spiel [...]

SWARM recognized as a top 30 innovator by SVIEF.org

  We’re thrilled to announce that SWARM has been recognized as an innovation leader in the emerging technologies and interface product design space by SVIEF (Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum). We were one of thirty companies globally to receive the award and couldn’t be happier.SVIEF has historically seen Bill Clinton and Al Gore headline the keynotes with [...]

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