Why do Olympic swimmers have remarkably large, round hickies?

This week we rap hickies, self-powered skateboards, and emo AIs that get us. Why do Olympic swimmers have remarkably large, round hickies? Read this article on the ancient Chinese healing technique to find out. People are talking about Boosted, the electric skateboarding company that just came out with the world’s lightest electric vehicle called Boosted Board —apparently [...]

The Art of Negotiation, Positional vs Interest Based Bargaining

What is it, this negotiation? What is at stake some may ask. Basically everything, we negotiate every day, knowingly or not. Be it about the added sugar in your coffee, whether you can borrow a bucks from your friends, or if someone can lend you a pen. Negotiation encompasses all of that. Negotiation can also act as a form of conflict resolution; it can involve striking deals, working things [...]

What if tattoos could control your television?

From chatbots that help the homeless to insights on product management methodologies to tattoos that control your television. Remember the Chatbot lawyer DoNotPay that overturned 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York? Well the bot’s creator Joshua Browder decided to tackle bigger challenges, like homelessness. With DoNotPay, users can visit the website, fill out questions [...]

Make a Resizable AVPlayer with Player Controls for Apple TV

Running videos live on an app can be tricky when accommodating screen size transitions. This is because a video player is normally given a fixed width and height, preventing it from adapting to changes in screen sizes. When we built the CBS Sports AppleTV app, we wanted users to be able to smoothly transition between small and full screens while still including player controls. Our solution? [...]

Why being first to market doesn't mean success.

  The general thought is that if you have a good idea and no one has done it just yet, or not in the way you've conceived it, then being first to market means live or die. For any startup founder, the pressure of launching first is real―especially when considering the possibility of your competitor beating you to the market, leaving you scrambling to re-evaluate your value proposition. I [...]

Branding basics: why everything from typography to color palette to tone of voice matters.

  It’s happened again. You’re stuck in the dairy aisle, staring at the yogurts —  Fruit at the bottom. Flavored. Full-fat. Nonfat. Soy. Almond milk. Coconut milk. Sheep’s milk. Goat’s milk. Greek. Icelandic. Which one has the most probiotics?? You pick and swap mini containers, rotating each one in your hand to read the label, kind of starting to feel like a [...]

Create a cloud video streaming MVP with Kurento

  With WebRTC technology, people can easily stream their live video and audio content just using a web browser. If you have a cloud video streaming idea and want to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Kurento is the choice. With Kurento, you’d be able to handle the streaming audio/video easily, including analyzing, mixing, augmentation, etc. Kurento is a WebRTC server [...]

These tests can help validate your business model.

In 2002, Joan Magretta published a very interesting article in the Harvard Business Review titled "Why Business Models Matter", this was right after the internet bubble burst and your everyday investor was keen to stay away from anything and everything that could in any such way be associated with the dot.com boom, the term "business model" was one of these an, the sheer sight of a "business [...]

Getting started with WebRTC? Here’s 5 top resources that can help.

WebRTC has driven a lot of our recent work. We appreciate it’s simplicity and enormous potential to transform a variety of industries reliant on video. For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with webRTC, or maybe heard a reference to it on Silicon Valley but not really sure what it is, I’ll explain:  WebRTC is a free, open-source project that allows mobile [...]

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Master the Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch, those few sentences which convey your company across to potential customers and investors. Do you have it right? Can you explain what your product does in language that is simple, yet presents the unique value of your product? You may think that you already have your elevator pitch perfected, but even if it is, test it, refine it, and make it better. The pitch will dictate [...]

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