Emotions Define Brand

  Quite recently, Uber, the mobile app that gets you a ride, has been in the news for having potentially inappropriate business practices. During the NY snowstorm they allegedly called many of their competitor's cars, cancelled at the last minute, and then tried to recruit the drivers. This resulted in both lost revenue for the competitor company as well as a loss for those customers trying [...]

Looking for unicorns

  We often see these startup job postings “Looking for excellent JavaScript and Frontend!  Stupendous UI skills! Master of UX! Loves PHP, Node.js and Python Frameworks!” – a Unicorn, a beast so rare that some in fact say it doesn't even exist. In all seriousness however, on paper a person that is versatile and multifaceted is a desirable asset to have, however, [...]

Open for business.

Happy Days! After a few months of discussions regarding where we were headed with SWARM, and what it is we wanted to do, we've made some decisions and we're finally back, with a brand new site, a brand new blog, and a twitter feed to follow. What we've become is a digital agency. We enjoy working with one another, we push each other, and we're able to conceptualize and build products for our [...]

Let's solve digital.