Talk to the hand βœ‹, my smart-wearable-glove hand 😎

Newsletter | July 20th, 2017   This week we're talking about smart gloves that translate sign language! πŸ™‹, Moon-mining in 2020 πŸŒ•, the top programming languages of 2017 πŸ’», and new, cool, skin-like wearable tech!   WEARABLES .  Smart glove can translate sign language πŸ‘   This glove can not only translate sign language into text, but also control [...]

πŸ˜’ Your phone has a battery?... that's really 2016

Newsletter | July 13th, 2017   This week we're talking about electric bike-sharing programs 🚲⚑, a new phone that doesn't need a battery πŸ˜’, cryptocurrency using more energy than small nations, and an AR device that screws in like a light bulb. Now let's get lit... πŸ’‘   TRANSPORTATION .  Electric bike-sharing in Denmark, it's moving 🚲⚑   Bike-sharing [...]

😒 This wearable's sole purpose in life is to tell you how drunk you are ⌚🍺

Newsletter | July 6th, 2017   This week we're talking about wearables knowing your drinking limit πŸΊπŸ›‘, wearables taking your blood πŸ’‰, AI better than doctors at matching IVF embryos?, and tracking money πŸ’Έ  in Macau with facial recognition.   WEARABLES .  Telling you to stop drinking ⌚🍺   A lot of people believe that wearables should monitor how [...]

πŸ‘Ύ Can you smell the pixels?

Newsletter | June 29th, 2017   This week we're talking about playing πŸ•ΉοΈ Super Mario Bros. in Central Park, an AR iOS app for real-time measuring, smelling with VR πŸ‘ƒ, and one state down (Florida), 46 to go for legalizing robot delivery.     AR .  It's Me, Mario, in Central Park 🌲   Abhishek Singh is our hero. This past week, the developer [...]

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ A.I. just beat your Ms. Pac-man score 🀷

Newsletter | June 22nd, 2017   This week we're talking about Switzerland with a top 3 global supercomputer, blockchain for refugees, A.I. that can beat Ms. Pac-man, and A.I., again, in competition between Airbnb and hotels.     COMPUTING .  U.S. no longer in top 3, welcome Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­   The Swiss have some impressive new supercomputing [...]

From self-driving cars to self-flying planes? πŸ€–βœˆοΈ

Newsletter | June 15th, 2017   This week we're talking about innovative air taxis, a CityTree🌲 that's more than a tree, smart beacons helping the visually impaired, Boeing's dream for self-flying planes ✈️   TRANSPORTATION .  Air taxis, for real, and... safer? πŸš•  πŸš   We know you’re anxiously following the latest developments in the [...]

Mmmm it tastes so watery 🚰

Newsletter | June 8th, 2017   This week we're talking about AI detecting autism early and accurately, πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Swiss building-sized air purifiers, there may be a sixth taste πŸ‘…?, and VR for drug rehabilition.   MEDICAL .  AI Detects Austism in Infants Before Humans   Our last newsletter mentioned how the FDA is hiring computer and data scientists like [...]

We're all (inter)connected, even your house plants πŸ€–πŸŒ±

Newsletter | June 1st, 2017   This week we're talking about Walmart combining blockchain and drone technology 😲, the FDA playing catch up with artificial intelligence, new IoT for watering your plants, and a twist on robot delivery ⚑.   DRONES + BLOCKCHAIN .  Like PB+J? Walmart looking to mix and match   In past newsletters we've discussed how [...]

Do you see what I see? πŸ˜ŽβšΎπŸš€β›³

Newsletter | May 25th, 2017   This week we're talking about MLB getting in on virtual reality, Danish augmented reality windows, blockchain for environmental sustainability, and the PGA using augmented reality to up their viewers' game.   VIRTUAL REALITY  .  MLB joins in on 3D fun ⚾   This coming June the MLB is launching their own virtual reality app. The [...]

La la la. We're all in this - cyber-hacked world - together 🌐

Newsletter | May 17th, 2017   This week we're talking about the cyber insecure world we live in, bovine wearables, the trouble of tracking sleep, and how 3D printing has led to the gift of (mouse) life.   SECURITY  .  Is it time for a digital "Geneva Convention"?   If you haven't heard, this past Friday was one of the worst cyber attacks of all time. The [...]

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