Sometimes when working on all sorts of things here we go down a silly path. Sometimes the silliness is so silly that keeping it doesn't make sense, other times its so silly that we want to share it. Today we'd like to share our alternate bios.

Valerie is an ossom possom who like cats, candy and video games. She's an artist by night and a bed roach by day. Her skills in design are bar none, except maybe to that guy from apple, and she thinks LSM is her personal nemesis, although another woman thinks that Valerie is her nemesis. She hasn’t thought about LSM or this other woman much in the past year.She hails from strong island, is a classically trained Gibbering and goes around saying “good on ya if ya save the day”NO TOUCHING!

Jacek was once bitten and now’s twice shy. He’s a mastermind of strategy; proven by the fact that he’s beaten himself in every single board game he ever played against himself. His lifelong influences include the homeless guy who’s not really homeless on 5th Avenue and 48th St, a Trabant and the city of Wikes Barre PA, even though he’s never been there.He originates from a place called Hartsdale, home of the first pet cemetery and more importantly that super secret research base from Heroes, and like really really likes scarves.

Somya (not Somja) is the thesis to the antithesis. He’s a technological genius mostly based on the fact that Somya himself is made up of technology, which he created himself in a parallel universe then ported to Earth through a planar portal. He considers everything to be dust in the wind, except for Kansas which for some reason he’s always wanted to visit. He comes form the magical land of Oz, most notably known in the U.S. for Wolverine, Fosters and flying monkeys, and is seriously like way smart. Way!

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